Publishing with iBooks Author, a free tool available only for Macs, is a simple and fun way to create interactive eBooks for your students to read and manipulate. This tool publishes only to the iPad and allows for embedding of content such as Discovery Videos (if not posted publicly), and other videos saved to your computer. You can embed links to activities online as well as embed questions for quizzing and interactive play. Widgets such as interactive pictures, galleries and keynote presentations can also be embedded to help kids through a lesson. No longer is front of the classroom teaching good enough, Engage the students in a tactile/kinesthetic learning experience that takes them beyond pen and paper.

Pages is a quick and easy way to incorporate text, pictures and video into a straightforward book with learning essentials. This format of book is very much like the non-digital version, except that videos can be embedded and manipulated when reading in iBooks or other iPad readers.

Although keynote does not print as an e-pub document, It can provide some nice graphics that can be saved as jpegs and loaded into a pages document. Don't be afraid to use keynote to dress up a less visually pleasing pages .epub book.